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Redeem codes can be found on the home site whenever they are available.First, open up your inventory. Then, find the button that says "Redeem Code". Click it, Then redeem a usable code, Such as "sword". But before you can redeem your code, You have to have at least one (1) inventory space (not clothing inventory, weapons inventory). After you redeem your code, you will need to look in your inventory, and find it.

Current Redeemable codes (Hurry!)

1. 5,000 Gold (CINQO) UNLIMITED AND BASIC (expired)

2. 2,000 Gold (bounty) UNLIMITED AND BASIC

3. 1,000 Gold (loot) UNLIMITED AND BASIC

4. Zombie Kabab Bayonet (zombie) UNLIMITED ACCESS ONLY

5. Spectral Cutlass (spectral) UNLIMITED ACCESS ONLY

6. Black Beard's Sword (sword) UNLIMITED ACCESS ONLY

7. Scoundrel Hat (scoundrel) UNLIMITED AND BASIC

8. The Curse of El Patron's sword (25176512) UNLIMITED AND BASIC (expired)

New Redeemable Codes

1.Black Buccaneer Hat (blackhat)

  1. Darkfire Cutlass (darkcutlass) (expired)
  2. Cursed Seafang Blade (seafang) (expired)
  3. 500 Gold (golden) (expired)
  4. 500 Gold (gold) (expired)
  5. Flatulent Fizz (fizz) (expired)
  6. Jack's Brew Potion (jacksbrew) (expired)
  7. Haymaker Pistol (haymaker) (expired)

And that is all that for now :) See ya later pirates!


Coming Soon

To all you people who are wondering, new codes are coming out soon! As Winter is approaching, we will be coming out with new codes that lead to exciting powerful weapons. Be patient, and the rewards willl reign down on you! Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me.

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