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Redeem codes can be found on the home site whenever they are available.First you have to press the "i" button on your keyboard then look for "redeem code" then click it then redeem a code one is "sword" another is "haymaker".Note: Most likely you don't need caps or spaces for any codes you could get more codes on the potco website"


  1. Sword of Triton (SWORD)
  2. Zombie Bayonet (zombie)
  3. Spectral Cutlass (spectral)


These codes don't work anymore

  1. Black Buccaneer Hat (blackhat)
  2. Darkfire Cutlass (darkcutlass)
  3. Cursed Seafang Blade (seafang)
  4. 500 Gold (golden)
  5. 500 Gold (gold)
  6. Flatulent Fizz (fizz)
  7. Jack's Brew Potion (jacksbrew)
  8. Haymaker Pistol (haymaker)
  9. Gold Prizes for events like Feats of Strength
  10. Call of the Kraken Prizes
  11. Scoundrel Hat (scoundrel)

All credit goes to the Potco wiki