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There are some Policies or Rules that the community has, here on the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki. If you would like to suggest a new rule, please contact one of our active Administrators.

Rules that help this Wiki run smoothly


  1. All edits should be made in Good Faith
  2. Make edits with the intent of improving coverage
  3. Keep to the general layout of similar pages when editing
  4. If you have any questions or concerns contact an administrator
  5. Before making any major revisions or edits check with an administrator (controversial and/or major revisions may need to be voted on)
  6. Remember we have younger viewers. Keep language clean. All words that are bannable offenses in the game are also bannable on the Wiki.


  1. Do not use Inappropriate Language of any kind, even though it is prevented by the Abuse Filter, you are still subject to a Ban.
  2. Do not cause drama or upset the general peace of the wiki, do not attempt to troll. (possible cause for instant ban)
  3. Do not vandalize pages. Note: Deliberate vandalism will result in a 1 month ban. Offensive vandalism will result in a 3 month ban
  4. Do not make a signature that stands out as being larger than your average editor
  5. Avoid making files (uploaded photos) thumbnails
  6. No images, text, signatures, statements, or user names that imply you work for Disney.
  7. Do not create categories unless approved by an administrator (they will be deleted)
  8. Do not add more than a few isolated categories unless you check with an administrator. Always check similar pages before adding a category. If a category is not on a similar page DO NOT add it.
  9. Do not make comments that can be considered as an attack against another editor. If you have a concern, talk to an administrator.
  10. Do not make unwarranted edits just to earn achievements. Examples include: adding extra spaces, extra periods, abuse of categories, saving minor edits over and over on one page, etc.
  11. Do not threaten, belittle or intimidate other users.
  12. Do not upload an image if you do not plan to add it to a page. If an image is not added to a page, it will be deleted automatically by the end of the day it was uploaded. This system is in use to keep the wiki organized, clean, and optimized in loading speed.
  13. Do not discuss any "items" or "actions" which alter, or change, the gaming experience.

Community Rules

We want to maintain a peaceful and welcoming environment on this wiki. For that reason, the following rules will be enforced.

  • Criticism or negativity that is unconstructive or baseless, or is stated in an uncivilized manner, will not be tolerated.
  • Repeating bannable offenses after a ban expires, will automatically result in an extended ban.
  • Users are free to edit their own talk page, as long as messages are not manipulated in a way that alters the message. *Clearing or archiving your talk page is allowed.
  • The author of a message may delete or edit their own messages on other users’ talk pages. The owner of the talk page should not undo deletions from the author.
  • There are many younger viewers on this site. So please be mindful to keep your language, and any images you upload clean.
  • Please do not ask users for their password for their Wikia or POTCO/Disney Account.
  • Do not ask any users of the Wiki for their home Address, Phone Number, Skype, or Video Chat account. If so, you will be given one warning. If you do not heed the warning, you will be banned for 3 months.
  • Please do not upload anything personal of yourself, which includes all types of media.
  • Using the wiki as an outlet to gain other users' account information such as user name (different than D-name), password, and credit card information by any means, including chat private messages will result in a permanent ban.
  • Displaying methods on how to hack the game, or persuade another individual to give away their account information via chat, a blog, or an outsourced link will result in a 2 week ban.
  • Harassing users of the wiki on the game will result in a ban if you do not stop after multiple warnings.

Note: Violating these rules may result in your account being banned by an administrator.

There are also some policies which apply across all Wikis. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.

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