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Looting/Inventory Expansion is a recent update that was released on Test Server in March 25, 2010. Came out in Live Server on April 15, 2010.

Looting/Inventory Expansion is confirmed as El Patron's Lost Weapons. New Weapons, Inventory, & Loot Drops are in this official update. To open the inventory, click on the chest in the bottom right corner. With the inventory, it will help you carry the weapons you find. Crude, Common, and Rare Items were the first weapons to be released. And while you're looking - keep a wary eye for the legendary, Lost Sword of El Patron. This powerful blade once belonged to the famous conquistador, El Patron himself. According to legend, the blade was cursed with El Patron's last breath and his soul now haunts the blade. Not only you can find them in loot but if you rather buy some weapons, they are also published in the Blacksmiths on Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres Del Fuego.

Later, new weapons called Lost Relic (now renamed Famed) came out. After awhile, with the Raven's Cove Island released, more weapons called Cursed Blades are now in-loot to hunt for.

The Loot Drops

  • Loot Pouch - drops Crude, Common, and Rare. Takes awhile to get Famed than on Loot Chest. No proof that Loot Pouches drops Legendary although only the Ghost boss Foulberto Smasho drops the Legendary Sliver Freeze in Loot Pouches. 
  • Loot Chest - drops Crude, Common, and Rare. Takes awhile to get Legendary and Famed than on Loot Skull Chest.
  • Loot Skull Chest - no proof that Loot Skull Chest drops any Crude Items. Only Common, Rare, Famed, and Legendary. Again, Famed and Legendary Items are hard but Legendary Items is the hardest to find.

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